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Estate Planning

Creating a comprehensive estate plan should bring you peace of mind, but the process can be complicated and leave you feeling worried, anxious and stressed out.  Luckily, you do not have to go through this process alone.

I am Tulsa estate planning lawyer, L. Michele Nelson, and for more than 20 years, I have been helping people plan for their futures and their families.  Getting to know you and your family dynamics before creating your estate plan, I will make sure you come up with solutions tailored to your needs.  Once your plan is set, I am available to make sure your plan continues to meet your needs and reflect your goals as your family grows and changes.

Unique Solutions for Every Client.  

If you are interested in developing an estate plan, you may want to make sure your family avoids the probate process, you may want to avoid estate taxes, and you will want a plan that will minimize potential conflict between family members.  Over more than 20 years, I have worked with a wide range of clients with diverse concerns, from blended families who want to make sure everyone is provided for, to families with disabled children or grandchildren who may need governmental assistance, to families with multimillion-dollar businesses who are concerned about business succession, as well as the constant changes in the federal estate tax laws.

Taking the time to get to know your family, I will make sure I understand your unique concerns, so I can meet your specific needs with an individualized plan.  With a Master of Laws in Taxation, I keep up to date on the most recent estate tax laws and I'm prepared to handle all of your estate planning concerns, including:

  • Development and administration of Wills and Trusts
  • Health care planning and living wills
  • Powers of Attorney for financial and medical decisions
  • Family business succession planning
  • Creating and administering guardianships for minor children and disabled adults
  • Planning for end-of-life care and protecting assets for spouses who have a loved one in a nursing home

Even after you create your estate plan, you may have other estate-related concerns that arise down the road.  As your attorney, I will continue to assist you to make sure your plan continues to meet your needs, as well as assisting family after the death of a loved one.

Complex Planning Issues

As an estate planning and estate administration lawyer, I handle everything from small estates to business succession planning for multimillion-dollar family businesses.  Fore more than 20 years, I have focused my entire practice on estate planning, probate and estate administration, guardianship, and elder law matters.  That experience allows me to be able to guide clients through the process in the Oklahoma courts, or without court supervision, to help you plan your estate and continue to assist your family through the distribution of your assets, to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Every family has unique concerns and that means every client requires unique solutions.  With more than 20 years of experience in estate planning and administration, I have helped young families provide for their children, I have helped families with special needs children set up Supplemental Needs Trusts to protect their benefits, I have helped blended families protect their respective children through estate plans that protect assets after the first spouse's death, and I have helped older clients plan their estates so that their affairs can be managed without court intervention that would otherwise be required by a guardianship.  I can also help you find out about any government services that may be available to you and your loved ones and advocate on your behalf with qualification for Medicaid and other government benefits that may be needed. 

Probate and Estate Administration

As a Tulsa area estate probate attorney, I can help you with the probate of Will, a Trust, or with other non-judicial estate administration after the death of a loved one.  I can handle all of your legal concerns including managing or selling property, funding sub-trusts for beneficiaries, filing required tax returns, analysis of assets and allocations to beneficiaries to maximize tax benefits, handling any trusts for minor children or special needs beneficiaries and completing other tasks which may require the help of a lawyer to close an estate.

Guardianships and Elder Law

When a proper estate plan is not in place, I can assist your family with any legal guardianship matters that may be required to manage the assets and health care needs of an elderly parent or relative.  Dealing with financial asset planning for married couples, I can assist in planning for nursing home qualifications and protecting assets for a spouse who may still be in the home.  I will help you explore all of your available options for medical and living arrangements, whether in the home, assisted living, nursing home or hospice care.


If yo have any estate planning, probate, estate administration or elder law concerns, I can help you find solutions.  From my Tulsa office, I offer consultations, as well as consultations outside my office.  Contact me today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about how I may assist you with your legal needs.